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4 Popular Alaskan Products

4 Popular Alaskan Products

Posted By on Jun 9, 2016

Whether you are familiar with it or not, Alaska is in fact a producer of many agricultural goods as well as livestock. MIA, or Made in Alaska, program is devised to promote products which are manufactured, or handcrafted in the state. Products which are a part of the program vary from small gifts, and quality products intended for Alaskan and international markets, to large industrial models. The MIA logo is depicting a mother bear and her cub, and if you find this logo that signifies that the product was manufactured in Alaska. Here is the list of five popular products coming from Alaska straight to you.


1. Salmon

Ketchikan, on Kodiak Island, is considered to be one of the world’s leading salmon packing industries. Fish products are one of the Alaska’s leading manufacturing activities. Wild seafood products available from the North Pacific will give an Alaskan touch to your cooking. Also, Alaskan products can be shipped to family and friends that will bring a fresh-frozen salmon to your door overnight. Fishing industry is a large part of Alaskan economy and it is no wonder fish products are a great source of income for Alaska.


2. Veggies

The long summer days in Alaska allow growing vegetables in greenhouses. Large areas and a huge percentage of acreage is used to grow giant carrots and cabbage in Alaska. Although, the freakishly big vegetables that come from Alaska may seem strange, the size of these vegetables is just a consequence of Alaska’s summer sun which makes the vegetables bigger and sweeter, due to the extra sunlight. The biggest ones however, are not accidentally huge; they are a result of careful planning and selection.

3. Flowers and Herbs

In addition to vegetables which come from greenhouses, a variety of flowers and herbs are grown in greenhouses. The peony projects planned for 2017 should bring from $4 to $5 million in sales. Even though some larger producers, such as Holland might earn much more, Alaska seems to be one of the few places on Earth where peonies bloom even in July. Due to the aforementioned Alaskan summers and extra sunlight, which in June lasts for up to 20 hours, the growing conditions are ideal. Also, the time of blooming is conveniently around the same time when flowers are in high demand due to the celebrations and weddings which happen in summer months.


4. Dairy and Meat Products

Although Alaska’s economy is driven by oil, tourism and fishing, and only a small area of land is devoted to farming and livestock, dairy and meat products which originate from Alaska, are a popular and successful business for farmers. All the products are carefully examined and quality inspection is rigorous. For all of those consumers which want to eat healthy food which originates from a wild land, try some of many Alaskan products you can find even in the supermarket close to your home.


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